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Without any suspense, Ronaldo, who was replaced in advance, became Everton's MVP against Brighton. In the case of the team's striker Richardson with an injury at the start, Everton's offensive power did not decline, all of which are closely related to Ronaldo. Under Ancelo's hands, the Colombian star has recovered his best self.


Facing Brighton, who has excellent pressing ability, Ronaldo's pass success rate is as high as 94%. Is he really not suitable for the fierce Premier League with his classical style of play? Now it seems that this is a false proposition. In the system tailored for him by his teacher Ancelotti, Ronaldo's performance can be described as a fish in water.


Richard Leeson’s injury has greatly affected Everton on the offensive end, but Ronaldo’s offensive ability can make up for it:

理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)的受伤在进攻端极大地影响了埃弗顿,但罗纳尔多的进攻能力可以弥补这一点:

· 4 shots and 2 hits in the range of the goal frame all scored, and the selection in the penalty area outflanked the forwards;


·The iconic curve kick assisted compatriot Mina while scoring, and there were 2 threatening passes;


In addition to the data of 2 steals, 2 successful 1 to 1 times and 5 regains of the ball, it is very appropriate to describe Ronaldo with excellent offense and defense.


When was the last time Ronaldo scored 2 or more goals in a league? In March 2019, at that time, he played for Bayern on rent and staged a hat-trick against Mainz. Today, when he comes to the Premier League, his performance is convincing enough, and he gradually has the meaning of "King Goodison": he played 2 home games in the Premier League and he made 5 goals (3 goals and 2 assists). Lewin's outstanding performance did not completely steal the limelight of Ronaldo, because enough people know the importance of Ronaldo in this team.


This season's Everton, really want to do something big, the state will not lie:


1. Seven consecutive victories in all competitions have made them the best Premier League team in the new season. This is the second time in club history that they have had such a good start. The last time it dates back to the distant 1894-95 season, even if the scope was narrowed to "all competitions", Everton could win 7 consecutive games in 1987.


2. The Premier League started four consecutive victories to occupy the top of the standings. The last time they played in the top league in England was in the 1967-70 season.


Data is not the only criterion for considering teams and players, but it also has enough directivity. Marshal Ancelotti's precise control, Lewin's full firepower, coupled with such an excellent Ronaldo, is there a big dark horse in the Premier League's Champions League qualification in the new season?


No one commented, but quiet


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